Friday, November 16, 2012

Maori Bookmarks to Make and Colour

A big shout out to Renee who leads a Canadian Girl Guide Brownie group. I'm really sorry these got here late - but here they are nonetheless.

A mock-up of what they might look like. You can make them plain (one-sided)....

 Maori Bookmark Page 1

...or make them double-sided... Just print and cut lengthwise as shown in  the mock-up.

Maori Bookmark Page 2

Have 'em plain or colour 'em. Just click on the pics to download...



Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Waka Paper Toy to Colour

Waka Paper Toy to Colour

Grab your colouring gears and get to work on this waka paper model.

Making the Waka

Cut around the solid lines of the waka, fold tabs and along the lines indicated.
Glue one side of the tabs and attach to corresponding tabs.

Making the Dollies

Cut the figures out loosely. Fold the tabs so the dolls will stand.

Download Waka Paper Toy to Colour


PS: As always, I'm keen to hear from you and would love to see your efforts!

Maori Doodle Kids - Steppn Boy Stickers

Maori Doodle Kids - Steppn Boy Stickers

Cut these guys out to stick where ever you fancy! Think books, cards, journals etc...

Download Maori Doodle Kids - Steppn Boy Stickers

Go see this wee guy animated!


PS: A huge welcome to all the new newsletter subscribers. I've been out of action due to real life events - remember you can contact me for stuff not already on this blog. Would love to hear from you! :)


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Maori Frames in Word Format

A big shout out to Denise Parnell, who has asked for Maori Frames in Word format, so that she can just type into them. Great idea!
 Download Maori Frame2 for Word

Open up the file in Word, click in the middle of the frame and begin writing. Remember to save the file as something else so you'll have the original to work with at other times, or save the original as a template.

  Download Maori Frame3 for Word

The screenshots are just to show how they look with text in them.


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Maori Valentine Cut Away Cards

Maori Valentine Cut Away Cards

A little different, this one.

Cut out the card pieces and fold as shown in the photo.

Position the pieces as shown. Add glue (on the back of the inpaper) near the center fold to keep the card together. Its nice if the inpaper is allowed to flap about a bit.

Download Maori Valentine Cutaway Card 

Me te arohanui...................With lots of love

Me toku aroha tino nui..............................With my love (lots of it)


Friday, January 27, 2012

Maori Valentine Stand Up Hearts

Maori Valentine Stand Up Hearts

 Make these stand up Hearts for Valentine's Day! Use as decorations or cards... or both!


Me te arohanui..........................................With lots of love

Taku aroha nui ki a koe..............................My love for you is great (lots)

Me toku aroha tino nui ..............................With my love (lots and lots)

Me te aroha ..............................................With love

Cut out heart pieces and fold along the lines on the tab.

Glue the end of the tab to the back of the heart, about a third of the way down from the top. You'll need to bend the tab near the base  to help make the heart stand properly.

You can fold the base flat as shown in the picture above if you want to use as a card and send it away in the post.
Maori Valentine Stand Up Hearts 

...and for those who want to colour their own...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Maori Valentine Mini Postcards for Kids

Maori Valentine Mini Postcards for Kids

Maori Valentine Kids Cards – Boy Plain

Easy one for the kids, not too mushy or lovey-dovey, perfect to give to friends, family, teachers, coaches...(the list goes on). Give them out at school, Kohanga etc.

Maori Valentine Kids Cards – Boy 

A place to write who its to, who its from and a message on the back if you like. Some blank ones to colour for those kids who like to do so!

Maori Valentine Kids Cards – Girl Plain

Just cut, fill it out and give!

Maori Valentine Kids Cards – Girl

Wording 'te rĂ¡ aroha!' means 'the love day'... nearest thing I could figure to 'Valentine's Day'


Monday, January 23, 2012

Simple Maori Valentine Pop Up Cards

In response to a message from Kotahitanga Maori Playgroup asking if anything was going to pop up for Valentine's Day... we have, first up.... Simple Maori Valentine Pop Ups.

The wording 'e ipo' means 'darling'

Cool wee simple pop up cards, easy to make.

Cut out the basic card.

Fold the piece in half.

Finish cutting around the heart. Because the piece can get flimsy and weak when handling it, I've found this is the best, easiest and quickest way to assemble. Dab glue on the back of the heart near the top, so the heart sticks together.

Fold the patterned base towards the heart. Glue the patterned base onto the plain base. Fold the plain base in half to hide the pop up.

The middle piece of the download is the card base. There was only room for one on the'll need to cut two to make the cards on each download page. Just use the existing one as a template.

Download Maori Valentine Simple Pop Up – Purple

More Maori Valentine stuff coming up....stay tuned!